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In keeping with the changing times, the department has changed its priorities and focus over the decades. In the 60s and 70s, cinema shows, library facilities and distribution of radio sets, leaflets, folders and booklets were our main activities. The 80s brought in the importance of television, video films and the infant local press. The department thus guided and nurtured the fledgling local media, distributed TV sets to the villages and consolidated the photo and the PA section. In the 90s we mostly concentrated on the official publications, advertisements, video documentaries and in feeding the local and national press with the activities and achievements of the govt. with special focus on its peace initiatives. Now in the new century and millennium the dept. envisage to modernise the collection and dissemination of information. In this connection a project for networking all the District and Block level with the Directorate is under proposal . This changeover to digital format and computerisation is imperative if the dept. is to remain relevant to the changing milieu and serve the govt effectively.

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