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In the Directorate of Information & Public Relations (DIPR) the Director is    

assisted by 1 Additional Director, 2 Joint Directors, 3 Deputy Directors, (including one Deputy  Director, Technical), 3 Information Officers (IOs), 1 Editor, 1 Technical Executive, 1 Senior TV Cameraman, 1 TV cameraman, 1 Movie Cameraman and 1 Photo Technician.

They are further supported by the news, technical, and ministerial staff including 15 Language Translators.

PRO at New Delhi

The Department has posted one Officer as Press Relations Officer (PRO), attached to Nagaland House, Aurangzeb Road, New Delhi.

INFORMATION CELL at Nagaland Civil Secretariat

The Department also has an ‘Information Cell’ at the Nagaland Civil Sectretariat, Kohima to facilitate better flow of information from the State’s central Administration.


The set up in the Districts comprises of the District Public Relations Officers (DPROs) assisted by Sub Divisional Information Officers (SDIOs) and the Information Assistants (IAs). The 16 Sub-Divisional Information Offices all over Nagaland are headed by Sub-Divisional Information Officers (SDIOs), assisted by the Information Assistants (IAs). There are 32 Information Centres in the state that are headed by Information Assistants (IAs). The Offices of the DPROs and SDIOs are provided with Public Address (PA) equipments, cameras and technical staff to assist in the work of Public Relations. For normal office functioning, these Offices are supported by the ministerial staff. In the district level, the District Public Relations Officers, the SDIOs and Information Assistants are engaged in news collection and dissemination.

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