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In keeping with the changing times, the Department has changed its priorities and focus over the decades. In the 60s and 70s, cinema shows, library facilities and distribution of radio sets, leaflets, folders and booklets were our main activities. The 80s brought in the importance of television, video films and the infant local press. The Department thus guided and nurtured the fledgling local media, distributed TV sets to the villages and consolidated the photo and the PA section. In the 90s the Department mostly concentrated on the official publications, advertisements, video documentaries and in feeding the local and national press about the activities and achievements of the Government with special focus on its peace initiatives.

Now, in the new millennium the Department is modernizing the whole process of collection and efficient dissemination of information, and ready accessibility by the public. In this regard the Directorate is networked with all the Districts and will soon include the establishments of the SDIOs in a phased manner. The Department is thus changing over to digital format and computerization. 

Publishing of Daily Official Bulletin ‘NAGA NEWS’

As the Public Relations wing of the Government, the Department publishes the Daily Official Bulletin ‘NAGA NEWS’ on all working days. The departmental officials from all over the  state are actively engaged in news collection about events and developmental activities taking place in their particular Districts or Sub-Divisions, which are then filed to the Directorate for inclusion in the day’s edition of ‘NAGA NEWS’. Apart from news items the ‘NAGA NEWS’ also contains features and articles. This bulletin is e-mailed/faxed or delivered to all the local papers, All India Radio, Doordarshan, National News agencies like UNI, PTI, other regional and national print media that use the reports freely. News articles are accompanied with digital photos.

The Department also publishes a monthly magazine “THE WARRIOR” which is a compilation of the news reports, features, articles etc filed by the Department’s officials from all over the state.

Besides these, the Department also publishes the yearly official Calendar, Diary, Speeches of the Chief Minister, Basic Facts, Festivals of Nagaland, pamphlets, posters etc. 

Other Activities & Achievements:

Photo Coverage: The Directorate and the Offices of the DPROs are equipped with photo sections with basic photo equipment and dark rooms. VIP tours, official functions, developmental works, cultural and human interest subjects, etc. are covered through this section. The photographs are used in the Department’s official publications, Government advertisements, photo exhibitions. These photos are used by local papers, Government departments, VIPs and individuals in their publications. 

Video coverage: Video coverage is given to important government functions for record as well as for feeding Doordarshan. The video section covers important events, VVIP tours and visits, besides social and religious functions. These recordings are preserved as records, given to the VVIPs and sometimes provided to Cable TV Operators for telecast 

Press Accreditation: The DIPR, as the nodal department for all press related matters, implements the Press Accreditation Rules (Nagaland), 1980, whereby deserving Press Representatives/Journalists are given accreditation to the Government of Nagaland. An accredited Journalist/Pressperson is eligible for certain benefits/privileges including insurance cover, free and concessional travel by public transport etc. 

Conducted Tours and Liaison Works:   The DIPR, as the nodal Department for all press related matters, organizes press conferences for the Chief Minister, his Ministerial colleagues, senior officials and visiting dignitaries. The Department also organizes conducted tours for visiting/ local media persons. The officers are also called upon, from time to time, to act as liaisons/ advisors for documentary film makers/producers. 

Public Address system: The Directorate and the offices of the DPROs and SDIOs are equipped with PA systems and operators. All official functions, meetings, VIP visits and important religious and social functions are facilitated with these equipments. Public announcements regarding Government notifications, orders and information of public importance are also carried by the Department through this facility. 

Library Service: The Directorate and all the Information Centres are attached with Libraries containing books on various topics of general interests. These Libraries cater to officials, students and the general public. 

Translation: The Translation Section in the Directorate has 16 Language Translators of all the tribes in Nagaland. The Translators translates important speeches of VVIPs, Government notifications and relevant topics like HIV/AIDS awareness, blindness control etc. into local languages. Other Government Departments also requisition their services from time to time.


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