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Information & Public Relation

Public Relations is defined as ‘the art and science of managing communication between an organization and its key constituents to build, manage and sustain its positive image.’

The Oxford Dictionary defines Public Relations as ‘The activities and techniques utilized by public and private organizations and enterprises to establish favorable attitudes and responses in their behalf on the part of the general public or special groups; included are analyses of attitudes, appraisal of procedures and policies, recommendation of internal change, and effective presentation of the organization’s purposes and objectives.’

Nagaland became the 16th state of the Union of India on 1st December 1963. The Department was established in 1964 as the Department of Information, Publicity and Tourism.

As the primary function of the Department was to aid the Government through Public Relations, the Department was renamed Information and Public Relations in 1984 to give it a wider scope and greater areas of function.

The practice of Public Relations is to build rapport and in the context of Nagaland the Department of Information and Public Relations becomes an indispensable part of the State government.  It is the role of the Department, be it in the Directorate or the Districts, to be a channel of communication between the government and the people, or between different Departments. It is also the duty of the Department to highlight the government’s activities, thereby projecting a positive image of the government.

Since its inception the Department has been responsible for publicizing the various policies and programmes, welfare measures, developmental activities and initiatives taken by the Government for the welfare of the people. These are disseminated through the different media units in the state, both print and electronic. 

Contents updated on 7th June 2007.


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